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Life story of Gautama Buddha of his Family, Life, Education, Profession with the Awards and Achievements. A Biography of an saint with unknown secretes and some Buddha famous quotes.

Life story of Gautama Buddha

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Life Story


  • Father, Suddhodana was the ruler of Sakya Clan ( hence named Shakyamuni) in the Kapilavastu City.
  • Mother: Mahamaya, She got the dream that white elephant entering right side of her body and ten month later the  Siddhartha Born.
  • When Queen Mahamaya became pregnant, she left Kapilavastu for her father’s kingdom to give birth. However she gave birth on the way at Lumbini Garden.
  • 7 days after his mother Mahamaya passed away.
  • Aunt Pajapati became queen and took care of Prince Siddhartha.
  • Main Indian religion at the time was Hinduism.


  • Born in the 6th century B.C in Lumbini,in sakaya country, a small protectorate or principality and raised in the town of Kapilavastu, both of which are in modern-day Nepal.
  • Saint Asita told King Suddhohana that Siddhartha would either grow up to be a great leader or a holy man.
  • Siddhartha grew up living the extravagant life of a young prince.
  • Prince Siddhartha married Princesses Yasodhara when he was 17 years and they gave birth to their son named Rahula.
  • At age of 29, he left his kingdom and newborn son to lead and ascetic life and determine a way to relieve universal suffering.


  • His father wanted his son to be a universal leader instead of a holy man. Hence he shielded him form the realities of life by building him 3 palace, one for hot season, one for cold season, and one for the rainy season.
  • For 6 years, he submitted himself to rigorous ascetic practices, studying and following different method of meditation

The Central Foundation Of Buddhism

First Truth: Suffering is the unavoidable accompaniment of physical existence ” All life is suffering”.

Second Truth: All suffering is caused by desire.

Third Truth:  All personal desire, all ambition must be extinguished by the person who wishes freedom from suffering and it can all be extinguished by walking the Path.

Fourth Truth:The Path which leads to freedom from suffering is narrow path.

  • He is the founder of Buddhism which is fastest growing religion in the world.
  • Indian great mind who influenced the entire world


Full Name: Siddhartha Gautama | Known as Buddha

Profession: Philosopher

Nationality : Nepal

Born:563 BC. | Lumbini, or modern-day Nepal.

Died: 483 BC. | Kushinagar.



Past and Future

What is Greatest

Walk the path

Three things cannot be long hidden

Three things cannot be long hidden

What is every thing

Joy comes when

Happiness never decrease

Act is more important

Dont Depend on others

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