Chemical Energy

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Chemical Energy is energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds (atoms and molecules). It is released in a chemical reaction, often producing heat as a by product (exothermic reaction). Batteries, biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and coal are examples of stored chemical energy.

The energy that results during a chemical reaction is called chemical energy. It is a type of potential energy. Chemical energy is stored within the bonds of the atoms and molecules that make up a substance. Once chemical energy is released from a substance, the substance is transformed into a new substance.

Related Facts

  • Chemical energy is stored inside a substance or object until it is involved in a chemical reaction.
  • Our bodies use chemical energy to perform daily functions.
  • Cooking is a good example of a chemical reaction that releases chemical energy.
  • When a complex substance breaks down into simpler substances during a chemical reaction, decomposition has occurred.
  • During combustion, chemical energy in the form of heat is released when oxygen combines with other substances to form water and carbon dioxide.
  • During an exothermic chemical reaction, chemical energy in the form of heat is released.
  • Plants perform a chemical reaction each time they use sunlight to make their own food during photosynthesis.
  • When two simple substances combine to make a more complex substance during a chemical reaction it is called synthesis.
  • There are six basic types of chemical reactions: combustion, synthesis, single displacement, decomposition, double displacement, and acid-base.
  • Cooking is a good example of a chemical reaction that releases chemical energy.
  • Single displacement is a chemical reaction in which some atoms from one substance are transferred to another substance.
  • During the process of digestion, chemical energy is released when food is broken down.
  • Double displacement occurs when the atoms in one substance are exchanged with atoms of another substance during a chemical reaction.
  • Acid-base is a double replacement chemical reaction that involves acids and bases.
  • Chemical energy is used to make electricity when fossil fuels are burned.


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