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Space Trickifacts

  1. Every star in the Milky Way is thought to have at least one companion alien world.
  2. Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in the solar system with no moons.
  3. Intense storms on the sum can kill satellites, zap astronauts and knock out entire power grids on the ground.
  4. The Saturn moon Hyperion resembles a sea sponge.
  5. Some galaxies store their waste in vast halos, recycling the gas for new stars and extending their lifespans.
  6. The moon smells ( and tastes) like a burnt gunpowder. Reason Why..? which is still mystery .
  7. A Saturn- like exoplanet has been discovered 420 lights-year away.
  8. If a spacewalking astronaut cries, tears don’t run down; they pool around the eyeball making it hard to see.
  9. Our Sun spins at 2 kilometers per second at its equator. But the fastest- spinning star known spins at 600 kilometers per second.
  10. Mars atmosphere gets “blown” into space by the solar wind.
  11. Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, is the only moon in the solar system that orbits in the opposite direction.
  12. A solar ” Super-wave” is thought to hvae blasted away the majority of Mars atmosphere.
  13. Moon that orbit distant exoplanets– exomoons– may one day be detectable.
  14. At 100 mph, it would take about 98 days to drive to the moon.
  15. More of Mars is habitable for life as we know it than on Earth.
  16. When inside a spacesuit during a spacewalk, astronauts cannot whistle.
  17. Human can live unprotected in space for about 30 seconds – if they don’t hold their breath.
  18. The Milky Way galaxy is thought to contain up to 400 billion stars.
  19. Your mobile phone could be more than 400 times more powerful than the computers that helped NASA astronauts land on the moon in 1969.


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