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One person went to saintly person and asked him,”Maharaj you look self realised please give me some mantra to chant so that I can also attain salvation”. Sadhu gave him mantra and asked him to chant this mantra daily on the banks of the river Yamuna. Person reconfirmed,”will this mantra work”, sadhu replied,”off course, you just chant sincerely and seriously”. Man immediately left for banks of Yamuna to practice his sadhana. He performed chanting for next 6 months but no results, he was frustrated. He came back to sadhu and said,”Maharaj this mantra is not working for me, what should I do now?”, sadhu said,”tell me dear child what do you see while chanting?”. Man replied,”I see waves of Yamuna, I see rising and Setting of sun and moon, I see birds flying, I see stars in the sky.”, “what else”,”I see swans in water, I see different animals and so may other things”. Sadhu said,”while chanting if you are watching birds and waves and stars, sun and moon, trees and animals how this chanting will help you to transform, be focused”. Man learned his life lesson.

What to say of spirituality one can’t be successful if he is not focused. The main reason for lack of taste and problems in both spiritual as well as material activity is not having focus. People do multiple activity to gain more results but effect is simply opposite better focus on one, focus means follow one course until one becomes successful. It’s said when life gets blurry adjust your focus, so when tragedy comes be focused on goal.

I remember we would do an experiment with concave mirror. Mirror was held under sun’s rays, the mirror would concentrate the Rays and gave the focused effect that burned the paper. Similarly with mind, when so many things are going inside there is no result, but when mind is focused on one particular activity better results can be obtained. Studies show that person who is interrupted takes 50% longer to accomplish the task, not only this but he makes up 50% more errors. When so many apps are opened in mobile phone, it drains the battery faster, similarly when so many things going in mind, that will only drain our energy faster!!

Lord also speaks about focus in Gita(2.41), “Those who are on this path are resolute in purpose, and their aim is one. O beloved child of the Kurus, the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched”. Distraction is enemy of focus, it’s said,’you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stone at every dog who barks’, so one need not to be so worried about petty obstacles in spiritual life and give up it but focus on the goal and strive for the association of those who also have the same goal, that will give us the strength to go on and on. Unless someone is focused he is simply wasting his time. So let’s put our heart and soul into the activity and be focused to get maximum benefit out of it!!


School Name: Birla School
Kalyan | Thane | Maharahstra

Akhil S Nair | Student, XII Standard | Kalyan


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