Make in India Campaign

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Make in India Campaign was officially announced by our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014 to attract and promote trades and businesses over the world to develop and manufacture global items and goods in India. Many countries and companies have invested in India. India is the second most populated state in the world and second largest country with agricultural land yet we have to import many edible items in other countries, consequently it causes loss of treasury of India which effects its developing economy. It is because of lack of technology that is being met with this campaign.

Since 2000 Indian rupee was continuously growing weaker against dollar due to the lack of a stable economy. Due to this campaign there will be a huge cut off in the process of importing goods from other countries as the goods will be  manufactured in India and can be consumed in India and it will surely boost the Indian economy .as we know that there are disadvantage of each step ,same here as manufacture of goods will lead to industrialization which will further lead to hazardous pollution .china is the living example of it .due to over industrialization 50% of annual deaths are due to lung diseases. Blindfolded industrialization can lead incidents like Bhopal gas tragedy in India. As an advantage make in India campaign will enhance Indian economy and will increase employment.

Make in India is a masterpiece because if accidents take place on roads we will surely not stop travelling on it but we will be more careful. So if we want make in India campaign to be successful we should be careful and act with consciousness.


School Name: Sacred Heart Convent School
Chirgoan | Jhansi | Uttar Pradesh, India.

Kishan Mittal | Student, IX Standard | Chirgoan, Jhansi



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