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Small businesses rarely wish to remain small. Colscol-Consultancy understands the unique challenges faced by SBS-small businesses size and we have a dedicated staff that excels at quickly putting your small businesses on the fast track to success.

We cater our branding and marketing efforts to your company vision and provide a marketing system that helps put your company marketing plan into perspective with your needs by providing a powerful and scale-able framework by which to do so. How do we do this? By offering competitive packages that leverage your marketing expense and maximise your results.

Some benefits that come from a Consultancy team:

1. An a la carte weekly subscription to our services. We see your marketing through to implementation and provide you with a team of creatives that will brand, advertise, develop your public relations, increase your web visibility, boost your social media presence and provide lead generation for your bottom line.

2. A complete digital marketing team to get your SEO up, and hit the ground running, engaging customers where they hang out most– the web. This package includes a website update, social media marketing, online advertising as determined by your needs, and ultimate search engine optimisation.

3. “Start-Up Packages.” These packages include the small business branding and marketing, and financing packages. The branding package includes all of the essential marketing materials you need for a launch: logo, website, stationary, and comes with our ways To Market Your Small Business Book. This package gets you well on your way to setting your brand apart from your competitors.

At this meeting you will:

  • Learn about our process and gain insight into current marketing trends that will propel you to your sales realizations.
  • Tap into our inside industry knowledge and market strategy prowess.
  • Pinpoint the challenges you are currently experiencing and identify solutions in real-time.
  • Get to know what an innovative strategy can do for you, and see why having a “Colscol Consultant ” is so crucial to your performance as a small company.

We realize how challenging growing a company can be, and we are proud to be the Colscol Consultant that gets you to where you want to go. Contact a Colscol Consultant today to get started!



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