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Why is it so important to understand the content and then memorize?! 

Have you ever wondered why some people have good memory? Often when we study, we just study for marks but we don’t understand its long term benefits. We tend to skip few points while studying thinking let’s make it shorter. But we don’t understand even if those 2-3 line’s meaning we understand we can elaborate answer further by understanding meaning of their key words.

Let’s see how we strengthen our memory.


Colors of  rainbow is remembered by word vibgyor. Now it has all the first letter alphabet of all colours in rainbow  this method is called mnemonics.  It’s an active, strategic learning device or a rehearsal strategy. How it works at times we know the meaning of the inner content but it’s difficult to recall while retrieval. During exams (under a lot of stress and time limit) we fail to recall the content but remembering small key words would give us structure to recall. So don’t forget to use it next time. Remember the first word of every point .


During studies if the answer points are associated to some meaning we tend to remember it better. For example, kangaroos are often associated to Australia.  Same way we connect to some stories and we remember it for a life time just because we give a meaning to it or some characters are like us. So why don’t you associate yourself to some answer.

 Switching of subjects  

Studies have proved that if we shift our learning subjects we tend to remember it better. In an experiment there were three participants 1st was shown three different cards for 6seconds. With three different words on it for e.g. name of different professions , fruits and vegetables. 2nd participate was shown three cards but 2 had fruits and third card was vegetables. And the last participate was shown three cards with only fruits on it. Results had shown that participate who got three different cards had better memory then rest two card.

Von restorff effect

Sometimes you remember information just because it was distinct .Hilight the points which you find it’s important for you with colourful hilighters because it helps you to find the things you want to remembered and due to the colour you remember that line.


Practice makes man perfect it’s said. The more you study effectively the more you remember things. Don’t you just forget phone numbers if it’s said just once. If you have  difficulty remembering formulas stick it to places where you feel you visit a lot of times be your study table, your refrigerator.

Last but effective don’t just memorize use it effectively. We don’t have to be a human encyclopedia.



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