Super Cute Animal Facts

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Animal Trickifacts

  1. The slowest mammal on earth is the tree sloth. It moves at 6 feet per minute.
  2. Elephant Learn to Cooperate and problem solve when faced with puzzles and adversity.
  3. Giraffes and humans have the same number of bones in their necks : that is Seven.
  4. Each patch on a giraffe contains a set of blood vessels that regulate heat, helpful in the desert.
  5. The Koala does not need to drink liquids. The majority of their water comes from the leaves they eat.
  6. Female pandas are only ” in the mood” for sex at the most three days each year.
  7. Hens can selectively eject the sperm of undesired mates, often that of lower status males.
  8. Blad eagles can swim using a movement of the wings that resembles the butterfly stroke.
  9. Birds fly at windows because they assume they are attacking a competitor.
  10. Great white sharks can go as long as three months without eating.
  11. Butterflies taste with their hind feet, which allows them to tell whether a leaf is edible.
  12. The barnacle has the largest penis of any animal, relative to its size.
  13. An Ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
  14. Hummingbirds are the only animal that can fly forwards and backwards.
  15. Adult great white sharks can swim up to 43 miles an hour.
  16. A cheetah can run at a top speed of 70 mph.
  17. A giant squid’s eyes have a diameter of 15 inches– the largest of any animal.
  18. The world’s smallest seahorse is smaller than a postage stamp.
  19. African lions have started to behave differently because of a deep fear of humans.
  20. Camels have three eyelids, two of them is with lashes to protect themselves from blowing sand.
  21. The lungfish can go more than four years without a meal.
  22. Some species of tapeworm, and intestinal worm that can infect humans, grow to 100 feet long.
  23. Spider silk is about five times stronger than steel of the same weight.


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