Surprising Facts About Asia

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One of the most incredible about Asia surprising facts

Asia is the largest continent in the world and has the two most populated countries in the world, China and India. its nations have a long list of surprising facts that you probably did not know about Asia.

1. Singapore has a building inspired by a Stars Wars robot.

HQ of Lucasfilm Singapore with George Lucas about the construction of the famed Lucas Museum of to have come directly from the fascinating universe of Star Wars. that serves as the regional headquarters of Lucasfilm Singapore.

2. First open in 2013  the building now houses Lucasflim Ltd Asia office

Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. LLC was an animation studio founded in 2003. Its first major production was the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and building owned by Lucas Real Estate Singapore and home to Lucasfilm Singapore, Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) and ESPN Asia Pacific. … May 20, 2013.

3. Japan produce 22 Nobel Laureates.

The Number of Nobel Prizes for Japan and South Korea Speaks Volumes 20th, 21st and 22nd becoming Japanese Nobel laureates respectively. South Korea, on the other hand, is yet to produce its first Nobel Prize-winning

4. Kyoto city of Japan having 1,600 temples.

Ancient Kyoto an imperial capital for more than thousand years. Approximate population of the city is around 1.5 million  people. who live alongside the city’s many heritage sites and historical buildings.UNESCO world Heritage site includes ‘Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto’ with the kennin-ji as the oldest temple and was build in 1202 CE.

5. South Korea has a separate Valentine Day for single people.

February 14th is more commonly known as Red Day in Korea, although you will see promotional signs for ‘Valentine’s Day’. On Red Day, women give chocolate to men.The men get their turn ion March 14th – White Day. On this day, men are expected to reciprocate with non-chocolate candy to the woman/women who remembered them the previous month.

6. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country

Indonesia has an estimated population of over 255 million people and is the world’s fourth most populous country and the most populous Muslim-majority.Indonesia is a sovereign archipelago in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous country on earth after China, India, and the United States.

7. Thailand is a home of world’s smallest mammal.

Western Thailand is the home of world smallest mammal  to the HOG-NOSED-BAT also known as BUMBLEBEE BAT. These tiny bat gives birth to one offspring annually and typically lived as a part of the colony of 100 or more than usually in caves.

8. Indonesia having more than 150 volcanoes.

This city is located on the boundary of pacific plate – an area known as ” Ring of Fire”. With 127 of the country’s volcanoes active, Indonesia most active volcano is Mount Merapi on the island of java. It typically erupt every two to three years.

9. South East Asia is a home of world’s largest flower.

Rafflesia is the official state flower of Indonesia, the Sabah state in Malaysia, Rafflesia arnoldii has the largest single flower of any flowering plant, Another enormous flower found in Indonesia is the Amorphophallus titanum, or Titan arum.

10. China produce 45 billion pair of chopsticks each year.

A nation own chopsticks production industries, some Chinese restaurant now import chopsticks made by US producers.China is the biggest exporter of wooden chopsticks in the world. Some people say that Chinese consumption of chopsticks is 45 billion pairs per year, while This amount equals about 200 pair of chopsticks a year per person. Georgia Chopsticks in November 2010 and is already producing 2 million

11. Hong Kong means ‘ Fragrant Harbor’.

Its an global financial center now days became transition from a colonial outpost to a busy port. Hong Kong is a paradise of sights and sounds will wonder why it was ever called Hong Kong, which means Fragrant Harbor before 1842.“Fragrant Harbour” Hong Kong’s English name is derived from two Chinese. In Chinese, the peninsula’s name is Gow Lung, meaning “Nine Dragons”.



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