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Website will connect to another in the form of a link, especially coded word or image that when clicked upon, will take a web user to another web page.
External Link: A link can take the user to another website page altogether.
Deep Linking : links that bypass a website’s home page


Framing is another way apart from external link to connect from your website to colscol web, Its a lot like in that we code a word or image so that it will connect to another web page when the user click on it.How the framing works the information from that website is imported into the Colscol page and displayed in a special “frame.” Technically, when viewer viewing framed information then their computer is connected to the colscol site which doing the framing — not the site provider whose page appears in the frame.

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The purpose of a agreement, like all permission agreements, is to avoid a dispute and will work together.

The following types of links may create disputes:

  • image links, particularly where the image is a trademark from the linked site
  • deep links that bypass the site’s home page
  • links that result in framing, and
  • inlining links that only pull certain elements from a site, such as an image Or content.

The permission may be informal, such as a written statement from the distant site stating, “You have permission to link to our website’s home page using the words [insert the words in the link].” Or, you can use a longer agreement that covers the terms more specifically.

The agreement provided below can be used to avoid disputes over any of these types of links.

This Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between ____________________ (“Source Site”) with its homepage URL of ___________________ and _________________ (“Destination Site”) with its homepage URL of _____________________________.
The parties agree as follows:The LinkThe Source Site will provide a link to the Destination Site as follows: _____________ ________________________________________(the “Link”)The Link includes Destination Site’s URL and:
(select if appropriate)___ Hypertext link–the words: ____________________________.___ Image link: ________________________________________.___ Framed link: ________________________________________.GrantDestination Site grants the right to display the Link at the Source Site and the nonexclusive right to display publicly the trademarks or images in the Link. Source Site obtains no trademark rights under this Agreement other than the right to display the marks. Any goodwill associated with the Source Site’s trademarks automatically vests in the Destination Site.Standards and Notifications
(select if appropriate)___ Source Site shall maintain its site in accordance with industry standards and upon notice from Destination Site shall promptly remove the Link if required. Source Site shall promptly notify Destination Site of any change to the Link or changes to the Source Site affecting the Link.

By: ___________________________ By: ______________________________
Date: __________________________ Date: _____________________________
Source Site Title: ________________ Destination Site Title: ________________
Source Site Mailing Address: _______ Destination Site Mailing Address: _______
email: _________________________ email: _____________________________

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