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So Students, let’s get started!

Start by reading the other Colscol Articles. You will want to have an idea of the tone of the site. The site is all about showcasing good informative content.


Yoo / Boo

Post with any of


Any of


Any of


Any of


 Any of


  Rewards 10.00   12.00   15.00   20.00   27.00
Total Earning  After approval  net amount 22  net amount 37  net amount 57  net amount 84

Applicable for colscol portal

  • Initially, with 5 Yoo’s or Boo’s on your article, you can earn Rs.10.
  • Further if the Yoo’s or Boo’s on your article go beyond 55 reviews, you’d earn Rs. 12 cumulatively (i.e. 10+12=22).The above table explains the pattern.
  • Your post should contain upto 300 words only.
  • No, you aren’t limited to any number. Write as many a times you wish to.
  • Make sure you have chosen an attractive title.
  • If you have the talent to write, we give you the platform to earn while you learn!


Reviews would be provided. It may involve alterations or changes. We are open to discuss about it. Let’s join hand for the betterment of the article and our lovely readers.


The article will be published with your name at the end. If you wish, we can even place a short bio and a link to your site at the end of the article.


  • We pay per article, according to the popularity and liking of the audience. Please follow the word limit as mentioned above.
  • No adult, racist or derogatory content will be allowed.
  • Images are not required for general articles. Our team will select an appropriate featured and/or content image.
  • No infringement of copyright, we come to know about everything!
  • Articles should be written in English only, please make sure it is well proofread on prior note.
  • The article would be rejected even if any line is found copied or the content is re-phrased.
  • If your article is rejected, it will not be published on our website and you can freely publish it elsewhere.
  • These guidelines may change from time to time so please check back before applying.
  • Our editors keep monitoring the websites and they can reject any recent or any old article (even the previously posted articles) at any point of time,if in case it contains any errors. If multiple errors are found, we close the accounts of that writer immediately.

To start, fill the application form below –




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