CDT-Daily Test, Grade 10 for Geography

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CMT- Mock Test- 60 Questions


4 Chapter

Board CBSE



CDT- Colscol Daily Test helps to do more practice and make you help in identifying your weak areas in the particular Topic-wise or Chapter-wise for Geography Subject of Grade 10

Course Curriculum

10.1 Resources and Development
  • 10.1A Resources and Development
  • 10.1B Forest and Wild resources
  • 10.1C Water Resources
  • 10.1D Agriculture
  • 10.1E Soil as a Resources
10.2 Forest and Wild Resource
  • 10.2A-Flora ad fauna of India
  • 10.2B-Biodiversity in India
  • 10.2C-Asiatic Cheetah: Where did they go?
  • 10.2.D-Colonial Forest Polices 
  • 10.2E-The Himalayann Yew
  • 10.2F-Type of forest and Wildlife Resources
  • 10.2G-Change in forest cover
  • 10.2H-Wildlife
  • 10.2I-Biosphere Reserves
  • 10.2J-Brahmaputra River System
  • 10.2K-Community and Conservation
  • 10.2L-Joint Forest Management-JFM
  • 10.2M-Sacred Groves
10.3 Water Resources
  • 10.3A-Water : Renewable Resources
  • 10.3B-Method of water Conservation
  • 10.3C-Multiple River Project
  • 10.3D-Rain Water Harvesting
10.4. Agriculture
  • 10.4A-Facts about Agriculture
  • 10.4B-Types of Farming
  • 10.4C-Cropping Pattern or seasons
  • 10.4D-Food crops and other Grain
  • 10.4E-Technology and Institutional Reforms
  • 10.4F-Food Security
  • 10.4G-Impact of Globalisationn on Agriculture

CDT Colscol Daily Test
     Colscol Daily Test
  • Question Bank :60 Questions ( 15 Questions each chapter)
  • Test Practice : CDT – Colscol Daily Test
  • Difficulty Level: Beginners  more info
  • Question Types : Multi-choice
  • Pattern : Random
  • Quiz Timer: Not Applicable
  • Quiz Attempt : Unlimited


3 reviews for CDT-Daily Test, Grade 10 for Geography

  1. Chandan Gowda

    Best for the beginners The course structure is satisfying, helpful course materials, online live support during any day in a week for queries clarifications.

  2. Vijay teseng

    Good test series but its more useful if we buy whole course test series ….very cheap

    Its worth ..oor ill say more than worth to buy

  3. Akshay Rajput

    This Live Coaching helps to make our knowledge higher . Due to the daily test practice it is increase our memory power and increase our thinking power .

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