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How do I start Edusol How do I grow my Cloud CoachingHow do I promote my Digital BusinessHow do I make money on Edusol Cloud CoachingHow do I fix copyright strike?How do I demonetised channel?
There are a few ways to get started on Edusol. We offer up different formats and functionalities, giving you the flexibility to create everything on education from Cloud Coaching, which are vertical videos that run 60 seconds or less, to longer form videos.

No matter what you’re creating on education, you’ll need to start by creating a Edusol Cloud Coaching.

  • First you create account Colscol
  • Once you signed, click Educator, register the application form in to Educator def
  • After registration the CEA Application, Educator can choose whether it’s your Cloud Coaching or Freelance Business
  • If your are planning to upload a longer video files more than 40 minutes select the file and share on emai id
Growing your Cloud Coaching is all about creating videos viewers or learners want to watch and accurately presenting them to the audience. When doing so, here’s a few tips to keep in mind.

With each video, think carefully about the title, description and thumbnail you plan to use – these should all accurately reflect your content and let viewers or learner know what they can expect from the video session.

We recommended Educator to provide Session Teaser, think about how the first 1–2 seconds of your content can grab viewers or learner scrolling through the video feed!

Once you’ve got viewers or learner’s watching, Colscol Edusol Team may help to redirect their attention via hashtags, promos, other programs or courses, end screens and more to convert into Subscribers

Promoting your Cloud Coaching or videos session is all about getting the word out there. On Edusol, you can use tools like Course, Programs, Stories and Community posts to drive viewers or learners to a specific piece of content!

Off-platform, think about promoting your videos session or cloud coaching on your socials and relevant communities, podcasts or platforms that align with your content and your intended audience.

There are a few ways for creators to make money on Edusol, but most start with becoming a member of the
Edusol Educator Cloud Membership (EECM).*

Once accepted, you’ll begin to gain access to a variety of monetisation products, including a share of the education Video session rights and Edusol Revenue generated by your

  • Videos Session
  • Doubt Session
  • Live Coaching via your Cloud Coaching subscriber
  • Each feature has its own performance and eligibility requirements.

Our newest offering through the Cloud Coaching Education Video's session Fund is not limited to educators in the Edusol Educator Cloud Membership. Anyone is eligible to participate by creating unique education video session that delight the Edusol Community. We'll get in touch with thousands of educators with the most popular recorded session with minimum 45 minutes after the approval of the content will be instant purchased by Edusol with the rights and also reward them for their contributions.

A copyright strike means that a copyright owner(educator) submitted a verified, legal takedown request on a video that uses their content.

To comply with copyright law, we took the video down. A copyright strike is a warning. The first copyright strike is a warning. If you get one, you'll need to go through Copyright forum , which helps you understand copyright and how it's enforced at Edusol.

There are a few reasons your Edusol Cloud Coaching can have monetisation disabled. Any of these actions can result in suspension of payments:

  • Attempting to monetise videos session you don’t own. Make sure that you have the right to upload or share the content: Check the copyright FAQ, and make sure that you know how fair use works.
  • Attempting monetisation of videos or session that don’t meet our knowledge partner-friendly content guidelines. We may reserve the right to disable videos session or your entire cloud coaching in situations where the majority of your content is not suitable for any IAE partners or learners, where there are repeated, serious violations (e.g. uploading of content which is incendiary, demeaning or hateful).
  • Violations of Edusol monetisation policies, Edusol spam policies, Cloud Coaching membership policies or Edusol Terms of Service.

How much money do Edusol Cloud Educator make?

There are platforms like Cloud Coaching, Learn, Youtube and others that help you understand the Edusol earning of educators. However, as previously stated, these are just estimations of how much money Cloud Coaching may make via the Edusol Educator Cloud Membership.
The below chart is a good indicator of how much money your education video session could make depending on the number of views earned or subscriber . As previously stated, several factors come into play as an educator, including the niche of the video session, the length of the video, and the source of the audience.

Learn about your options for earning money on Edusol Cloud Coaching
Edusol Cloud Coaching Earning by category on Instant Sales
Categorie Upto Grade 5 Grade 6-10 Grade 11-12
Competitive Exam ₹ 75 ₹ 90 ₹ 100
School Academics ₹ 60 ₹ 70 ₹ 80
Programming ₹ 80 ₹ 90 ₹ 100
Brain Booster ₹ 40 ₹ 50 ₹ 60
Languages ₹ 40 ₹ 50 ₹ 60
Government Exam ₹ 60 ₹ 70 ₹ 80
Edusol Cloud Coaching Earning by category on Video Views
Category Views upto 5,000 20,000 50,000 100,000
CE (upto Grade 5) ₹ 150 ₹ 250 ₹ 1500 ₹ 4000
CE (Grade 6-10) ₹ 200 ₹ 400 ₹ 2000 ₹ 5000
CE (Grade 11-12 Science) ₹ 500 ₹ 1000 ₹ 5000 ₹ 8000
CE (Grade 11-12 Commerce) ₹ 400 ₹ 600 ₹ 3000 ₹ 6000
CE (Grade 11-12 Humanities) ₹ 300 ₹ 500 ₹ 2000 ₹ 5000
Programming ₹ 300 ₹ 600 ₹ 3000 ₹ 6000
Brain Booster ₹ 200 ₹ 500 ₹ 2000 ₹ 5000
Language ₹ 100 ₹ 200 ₹ 1000 ₹ 3000
Government Exam ₹ 300 ₹ 500 ₹ 3000 ₹ 6000
* Once an Educator crosses 100,000 views on the Edusol platform for every 50,000 views slab after 100,000 views the Educator is eligible for an educator Bonus of 5000 view slab. till 500,000 views of the same video session.
* Competitive Exam (CE)
Edusol Cloud Coaching Earning by category on Paid Subscribe
Category Paid Subscribe Upto Grade 5 Grade 6-10 Grade 11-12
Competitive Exam 80% 75% 70%
School Academic 85% 80% 75%
Programming 80% 75% 70%
Brain Booster 80% 75% 70%
Language 90% 85% 80%
* Once an Educator get paid enrolment or subscriber on their desire fee on course or video session and earn the above mention share on revenue realisation.

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