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Empowering Educator

Empowering Educators with One Stop Teaching Tools

Colscol Edusol Integrated system, A platform where delivers personalised and executive teaching pedagogy for Teachers, Trainer, Tutors in more affordable, scalable and measurable way and can access world-class pedagogic strategies to achieve the intended learning outcome for every child .

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Ensuring a Holistic Teaching Experience with EDUSOL

Digital Learning Content
E Book
National Competitions
Home Test Practice
Live Classes Tools
Expert Teacher Support
Doubt Session
Personalised Revision

Branded Web App
Online Teaching Management System
  • Student administration
  • Exam & digital assignment
  • Fees ( Online / Offline)
  • Notification/ reminders
  • Multi-branch handling
  • Calendar Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Certification
  • Usage Analytics
  • Gamification
  • Mobile Learning
Holistic Curriculum
Improve Teaching & Learning Experience
  • Digital Content Notes
    • Competitive Exam
    • School Academics
  • Questions Bank with solutions
  • Teaching Planner with Assessments & Question Bank
Branded Website
E-Commerce Website
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Responsive
  • Sell your courses/product
  • Payment integration
  • SEO based content
  • Digitalised Enquiry form
  • Social Signups
  • Image Manager
  • News Feed 
E Store
Digital Content
  • E-Book
    • Competitive Exam
    • Government Exam
    • Topic-wise Notes
  • Test Practice
    • Topic-wise Questions
    • All India Test Series
    • Board-wise Questions
  • Book Assessments
  • Courses, Mock Test
Teach Tech Tools
Virtual Teaching Tools
  • Live Integrated Class
  • Online Exam
  • Quizz Grading
    Auto / Manual Grading
  • Group Activity
  • Performance Report
  • Chats with Student via app
  • Student Attendance  Signups
  • Integration- videos YouTube & others 
  • Feedback or Survey
Privacy Content
Data Security Management
  • Useful controls & restriction
  • DRM encrypted
  • Device compatibility
  • secure IP address login
  • upload education content from anywhere
Create Awareness
Expand Your Reach
  • Promote Your Profile
  • Create Events & Webinars
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Sales promotional scheme
  • Rope in Student Galactic
  • Promotional Schemes assistance by professional

  • Student Enrolment Consultancy 
  • Brand Creatives Support
  • Business Strategies  
Sales & Marketing
Sales Marketing Support
  • Student Enrolment Consultancy
  • Brand Creative Support
  • Social Marketing
  • Sales promotional scheme
  • Webinar
  • Business Strategies

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