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CBSE- Grade 9 Biology Syllabus

CBSE syllabus always maintains a standard, If a student has trouble understanding a topic related to science, the student can go through questions and answers related to each topic covered in Class 9 Biology.

Some of the topics Covered include :


    1. The Fundamental Unit of Life
    2. Tissues
  • Diversity in Living Organisms
  • Why Do We Fall Ill?
  • Natural Resources
  • Improvement in Food Resources

1.A. What are living organisms made of?
1.B. What is a cell made of? What is the structural organisation of a cell?

2.A. Are Plants and Animals made of same type of Tissues?
2.B. Plant Tissues Animal Tissues
3.A. What is the basis of Classification?
3.B. Classification and Evolution The Hierarchy of Classification – Groups
3.C. Plantae
3.D. Animalia
3.E. Nomenclature
4.A. Health and its Failure
4.B. Disease and its Causes
4.C. Infectious diseases
5.A. The branch of life: Air
5.B. A wonder liquid: Water
5.C. Mineral Riches in the soil
5.D. Biogeochemical cycles
5.E. Ozone Layer
6.A. Improvement in crop Yields
6.B. Animal Husbandry