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CBSE- Grade 9 Chemistry Syllabus

CBSE chemistry syllabus that covers all the required topics and units in an organized manner. Students from different boards can also visit this syllabus for reference. CBSE board conducts studies and research before modifying and prescribing syllabus for any class and subsequently implements changes time to time. Now download Chemistry syllabus for class 9 and know which are the chapters and units included and eliminated from the previous syllabus.

The list of units in class 9 Chemistry is mentioned below.


  1. Matter in Our Surroundings
  2. Is Matter Around Us Pure?
  3. Atoms and Molecules
  4. Structure of the Atom

1.A. Physical Nature of Matter
1.B. Characteristics of Particles of Matter
1.C. States of Matter
1.D. Can Matter change its State?
1.E. Evaporation

2.A. What is a mixture?
2.B. What is a solution?
2.C. What is a suspension solution?
2.D. Separating the components of a Mixture
2.E. Physical and Chemical Changes
2.F. What are the types of pure Substances?
3.A. Laws of Chemical combination
3.B. What is an Atom?
3.C. What is a Molecule?
3.D. Writing Chemical formulae
3.E. Molecular mass and mole concept
4.A. Charged Particles in Matter
4.B. The structure of an Atom
4.C. How are Electrons distributed in different orbits (Shells)?
4.D. Valency
4.E. Atomic number and Mass number
4.F. Isotopes