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Welcome to Artistify, where every stroke of the brush, every cut of the paper, and every creation tells a unique story. Our course is tailor-made for school and college students who are eager to explore their artistic talents and unleash their creativity.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, Artistify offers a welcoming space for you to explore various art forms, unleash your imagination, and bring your ideas to life on canvas, paper, or any medium of your choice.

Flexible Learning Experience

  1. Crash Course ( 1 Month Duration) Rapidly sharpen your skills through an intensive one-month Crash Course. Perfect for those seeking immediate improvement and a quick grasp of art fundamentals.
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    Short on time but eager to jumpstart your artistic journey? Our one-month crash course is designed for busy individuals who want to learn the essentials of art and craft quickly and efficiently. Through intensive lessons and hands-on projects, you’ll gain fundamental skills and insights that will set you on the path to artistic success in no time.
  2. Long Term Course (Whole 1 Year ) Dedicate yourself to mastering the intricacies of Artistify with our Long-Term Course, offering a comprehensive curriculum that unfolds over the entire year.
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    Dive deep into the world of art with our comprehensive year-long course. Perfect for those who want to develop their skills gradually and thoroughly, this option allows you to explore different aspects of art and craft at a comfortable pace. With regular sessions and assignments, you’ll have ample opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and grow as an artist throughout the year.

Course Structure
At Artistify, we believe that every creation has a story to tell. Join us on this exciting adventure, where you’ll not only learn the technical aspects of art and craft but also discover the joy of self-expression and the power of storytelling through your creations. Enroll now and let your imagination run wild with Artistify! 


  1. Discovering the Basics:
    • Dive into the foundations of art and craft.
    • Learn about color theory, composition, and perspective.
    • Experiment with various mediums such as pencils, paints, and pastels.
  2. Exploring Different Styles:
    • Delve into different artistic styles and movements.
    • Explore techniques ranging from realism to abstract expressionism.
    • Find your unique artistic voice through experimentation and practice.
  3. Mastering Techniques:
    • Hone your skills in specific areas of interest, such as drawing or painting.
    • Receive personalized guidance from experienced instructors.
    • Develop a deeper understanding of your chosen medium and refine your technique.
  4. Expressing Creativity:
    • Embark on creative projects that encourage self-expression and storytelling.
    • Explore themes and concepts that resonate with you personally.
    • Share your work with fellow students and receive constructive feedback
  5. Showcasing Your Art
    • Learn how to prepare and present your artwork for tournament and showcases.
    • Build confidence in sharing your creative vision with the world.
    • Connect with other artists and enthusiasts to expand your network and opportunities.

Why Choose Artistify

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals in art and craft, gaining valuable insights and expertise.
  • Tailored for You: Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our curriculum caters to all skill levels, covering foundational to advanced concepts.
  • Hands-On Learning: Dive into engaging projects, gaining practical skills and confidence in your artistic abilities through hands-on learning.
  • Supportive Community: Join a vibrant community of fellow learners, fostering collaboration, growth, and inspiration as you pursue your artistic journey.
  • Flexible Options: With courses designed for both long-term commitment and quick crash courses, choose the learning path that fits your schedule and preferences.
  • Interactive Resources: Access a wealth of interactive resources to enhance your learning experience and expand your artistic horizons.
  • Personalised Feedback: Receive tailored feedback and guidance to help you progress towards your artistic goals effectively.
  • Tournament Preparation: Prepare for competitions with specialised training and support, honing your skills and strategy to excel in art tournaments and contests.

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  • Regular interactive Live or Classroom Coaching.
  • 60 minutes session which is further divided into test discussion of next 15 mins,  theoretical and conceptual learning of 45 minutes.
  • Study Online | Classroom 
  • Flexible Learning : Long Term | Crash Course
Course Structure

Week 1: Discovering Colours

  • Learn about the fascinating world of colors
  • Experiment with different color combinations
  • Create your own colour wheel masterpiece

Week 2: Drawing Basics

  • Master the fundamentals of drawing
  • Explore various drawing techniques
  • Bring your imagination to life on paper

Week 3: Painting Techniques

  • Dive into the world of painting
  • Explore different painting styles
  • Create your own masterpiece on canvas

Week 4: Mixed Media Madness

  • Combine various art techniques
  • Experiment with mixed media materials
  • Let your creativity run wild and create a unique artwork

Introduction to Drawing Basics

  • Understanding lines, shapes, and forms
  • Exploring different types of pencils and papers
  • Learning basic shading and blending techniques

The Magic of Sketching

  • Sketching from observation
  • Creating dynamic sketches with varying line weights
  • Using sketching as a tool for storytelling

Exploring Color with Watercolors

  • Introduction to watercolor paints and brushes
  • Learning basic watercolor techniques such as washes and glazing
  • Experimenting with color mixing to create vibrant artworks

Discovering Pastels

  • Understanding the unique qualities of pastel mediums
  • Exploring different types of pastels: soft, oil, and chalk
  • Creating expressive and textured artworks with pastels

Diving into Ink Drawing

  • Introduction to ink drawing tools: pens, markers, and brushes
  • Learning various ink drawing techniques such as cross-hatching and stippling
  • Creating intricate and detailed artworks with ink

Mastering Perspective Drawing

  • Understanding the principles of perspective: one-point and two-point perspective
  • Applying perspective drawing to create depth and realism in artworks
  • Experimenting with different viewpoints and compositions

Mixed Media Magic

  • Combining various drawing techniques with other art mediums like collage and found objects
  • Exploring mixed media as a means of self-expression and creativity
  • Creating dynamic and visually engaging artworks through mixed media

Portraiture and Character Design

  • Learning the basics of portrait drawing: proportions, facial features, and expressions
  • Experimenting with character design and storytelling through illustrations
  • Developing personal style and artistic identity

Review, Practice, and Q&A

  • Recap the key concepts covered in the course
  • Engage in comprehensive practice sessions
  • Q&A sessions for addressing any doubts or clarifications

Tournament Preparation:
Program also prepares you for art competitions and tournaments. Through guided practice sessions and constructive feedback, you'll sharpen your techniques and unleash your creative confidence to excel in any artistic challenge.


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FREE Demo Session

  • Duration: 45 Mins Session
  • Engage: 1 Session for Free Demo
  • Free Live video interactive session to ask questions and find out more about their teaching style – and make sure they’re someone you get on with
  • Free Classroom session ( Selected to our Location) to ask questions and find out more about their teaching style – and make sure they’re someone you get on with


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