JEE Mains, Base Builder for Maths: By Prof. Mahendra Oswal

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 800.00 excl. GST

Program- Live Coaching

4 Doubt Session

45 mins per lecture
JEE Mains
11 & 12 Science
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Class Schedule

Days : Saturday (every week)
Time: 18:30 – 19:15 ( Evening)

Course Content

Subject: Maths

Unsolved Problem
Solved Example
4 Doubt Removal Session
Learn Tricki Tips to solve problems

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The personal doubt removal process has the secondary status whereas many a times it is the real difference maker. The student may have just hit a block somewhere or the other. This takes away the fizz from the other hard work and motivation of the student.

To facilitate the student with the same we have developed a system for the students where they get to clear their doubts then and there itself with best system.

Its a doubt removal session, so student can discuss the problems as per JEE Mains

Prof. Mahendra Oswal -BA23

Teaching Specialisation Area in Maths Subject and interest span a range of teaching with Live…

4 reviews for JEE Mains, Base Builder for Maths: By Prof. Mahendra Oswal

  1. kajal agrawal

    Most easiest way to conduct live classes …


    Most easiest way to conduct live classes …

  3. Pratham

    I was one of the student of MO sir. I enjoyed maths lecture with MO sir. Their way of teaching maths is very simple. Everything is easy for them. I enjoyed solving sums of differentiation with them . They had made ‘maths’ for me an interesting subject. Their way of looking at maths is totally different from other teachers . I was really lucky to learn maths from you. Thank you MO sir for pouring your precious knowledge of maths on me.Miss your lectures alot sir .

  4. Pratham

    MO sir an legend of mathematics. Their way of teaching maths for a person like me who don’t know even an ‘m’ of mathematics is really great. Today , I look at mathematics as an interesting subject just because of them. They gift their knowledge of mathematics to the students which no money could buy it . MO sir makes mathematics easy as if we are playing an interesting game of numbers .Thank you so much MO sir . Miss your lectures 😌

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