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Grade 5
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Indian Talent Olympiad introduces students to the topics that appear in the competitive exam of  major National or International Olympiads. The Syllabus or Course for Grade 5 gives the student a fair idea of what & how to learn online live for these competitive Olympiads exams of Juniors. In this Live Learning Program (LLP) students will find all the  Olympiad Competitive Exam, Learners that want to improve their Subject Knowledge and want to make success of their Grade 5 year Olympiads.

During the sessions, students connect with the teacher in real-time and will be thoroughly prepared and understand the importance of the Course-wise through Live Online interactive session along with recorded session videos and understanding is tested with either an online assessment or worksheet.
This course enables Subject-wise : Maths (IMO), Science (ISO), English (IEO), GK (IGKO), Cyber (NCO) All Olympiads .

Course Structure

  • Preparation Meter: Preparation level at a glance ( Stage 1 or Stage 2)
  • LLP Program: Learners learn or interact expert faculty around the nation
  • Test Practice: Previous Paper | Mock Test Paper
  • Repot Analysis: View your performance and score compared against highest and average and instantly
  • Question Bank : Exhaustive question levels to boost your preparation

About Course14 Strategic TestSyllabusBook Free Demo

  • Regular interactive Live Interactive Classes. 
  • Session will be covered for 40 minutes which is further divided into online daily discussion of next 15 mins.
  • Theoretical and conceptual E-learning of 30 minutes, this improves general understanding of the student.
  • Competitive Exam provide upto 3 lectures a week subject-wise.
  • Study Batch : Individual Study | Group Study
  • Test Practice Bank includes Model Test Series , Previous Paper, Tricky Tips

  • CMT (Colscol Mock Test) This is an Mock Test question bank which will provide subject-wise 
  • CTS (Colscol Test Series) Its an Subject-wise Test Program in the based on Competitive exam pattern.

You can practice test topic-wise, chapter-wise, course-wise and competitive exams as well with world class technology standards.

ISO - Science Olympiad
  1. State of Matter
  2. Environment and Us
  3. Community & Health Hygiene
  4. Force, Work & Energy
  5. Solar System
  6. Natural Resource
  7. Fuels and Energy
  8. All about Crop
  9. Sense and Emotion
  10. Disease and Its Prevention
IMO - Maths Olympiad
  1. Concept of Geometry
  2. Number System
  3. Factors & Multiplies
  4. Additional & Subtraction
  5. Multiplication & Division
  6. Fraction & Decimals
  7. Measurement
  8. Data Handling
IEO - English Olympiad
  1.  Word Power
  2.  Nouns and Pronouns
  3.  Verbs and Adverbs
  4.  Adjectives
  5.  Prepositions and Conjunctions
  6.  Tenses
  7.  Types of Sentence
  8.  Punctuations
  9.  Sentence Formation
  10.  Voice and Speech
  11.  Composition
  12.  Comprehension
  13.  Forms of Expression
  14.  Idioms and Proverbs
  15.  Logical Reasoning
IGKO - Gk Olympiad
  1. Our Body & Health
  2. Plants & Animals
  3. India & The World
  4. Science & Technology
  5. Environment & Its Conservation
  6. Language & Literature
  7. Entertainment
  8. Sports
  9. Math Fun
  10. Life Skills
  11. Current Affairs
  12. Logical Reasoning
NCO - Computer Olympiad
  1. Subjective Exercise
  2. Mental Ability Exercise
  3. Answers And Explanation
NSO - Social Science Olympiad
  1. Introduction History and Geography
  2.  Evolution
  3. Stone age
  4.  Settled Life and Urban Civilization (World)
  5.  Earth and Solar system
  6.  Living world on earth
  7.  Family and Society
  8.  States and Important cities
  9.  Agriculture and Industries
  10.  Forest cover of India
  11.  Natural Resource- Soil and minerals
  12.  Physical features of India
  13.  Religion, Culture and Tradition
  14.  Democracy and local governing Bodies
  15.  Natural Disasters
  16.  Maps- Crops

FREE Demo Session

  • Duration: 45 Mins Session
  • Engage: 1 Session for Free Demo
  • Free Live video interactive session to ask questions and find out more about their teaching style – and make sure they’re someone you get on with


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3 reviews for Live Grade 5 Junior Olympiads Exam

  1. Inder Parihar

    Good test series but its more useful if we buy the whole course test series ….very cheap
    This Live Coaching helps to make our knowledge higher. Due to the daily test practice, it increase our memory power and increases our thinking power.

  2. Arpan kumar

    Easy to use and very effective working to any gadget from anywhere through mobile
    Thank you now my child can be connected to the best faculty anywhere in India, My experience was good as it saved money and time for my child…..
    This is the best digital online exam with a good question bank to test your knowledge
    Nice content … very useful …. clear all the concepts with a good question bank of test series …
    Very useful…..for examining your preparation a good collection of question and very effectively

  3. kim teahong

    I came to know about Colscol Elearn through my friend about “Live Doubt Session ”. I asked my parents & they agreed. When I used Colscol Elearn Doubt Session Program they gave my answer in very explanatory way in real-time interaction

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