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CBSE-Grade 11 BFM Syllabus

CBSE syllabus always maintains a standard, If a student has trouble understanding a topic related to Business Studies, the student can go through questions and answers related to each topic covered in Class 11 BFM- Business Financial Management.

Some of the topics Covered include :


    1. Business Services
    2. Emerging Modes of Business
    3. Formation of a Company
    4. Sources of Business Finance
    5. Internal Trade
    6. International Business

1.A. Characteristics Of Services
1.B. Distinguish Services From Goods
1.C. Types Of Business Services
1.D. Concept Of E-banking

1.E. Types Of Insurance Policies

1.F. Types Of Warehouses

2.A. Meaning Of E-business
2.B. Process Of Online Buying And Selling in E-business
2.C. Distinguish E-business From Traditional Business

2.D. Benefits Of Switching Over To Electronic Mode

2.E. Requirements For A Firm’s Into E-business

2.F. Major Security Concerns Of Electronic Mode

2.G. Need For Business Process Outsourcing

3.A. Stages In The Formation Of A Company
3.B. Steps Involved In Each Stage Of Company Formation
3.C. Required Documents To The Registrar Of Companies
3.D. Certificate Of Incorporation And Commence Business

4.A. Meaning, Nature And Importance Of Business Finance
4.B. Sources Of Business Finance
4.C. Merits And Limitations Sources Of Finance
4.D. The International Sources Of Finance
4.E. Factors Source Of Finance

5.A. Types Of Internal Trade
5.B. Services Of Wholesalers To Manufactures And Retailers
5.C. Small Scale And Large Scale Retailers
5.D. Role Of Chambers Of Commerce And Industry

5.E. Officiate Implementation Of Gst

6.A. Meaning Of International Business
6.B. Distinguish Between Internal And International Business
6.C. Scope Of International Business
6.D. Benefits Of International Business

6.E. Documents Required For Import And Export Transactions

6.F. Incentives And Schemes Available For International Firms

6.G. Promotion Of International Business

6.H. Promotion Of International Trade And Development