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CBSE-Grade 11 POM Syllabus

CBSE syllabus always maintains a standard, If a student has trouble understanding a topic related to Business Studies, the student can go through questions and answers related to each topic covered in Class 11 POM- Principles & Functions of Management.

Some of the topics Covered include :


    1. Business, Trade and Commerce
    2. Forms of Business Organisation
    3. Private, Public and Global Enterprises
    4. Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
    5. Small Business and Entrepreneurship

1.A. Development of Trade and Commerce
1.B. Role Banking System
1.C. Concept and Objectives of Business
1.D. Types of Industries

1.E. Activities Relating to Commerce

1.F. Business Risks and Causes

1.G. Basic factors While Starting a Business

2.A. Forms of Business Organisation
2.B. Features, Merits and Limitations of Business Organisations
2.C. Distinguish between various forms of organisations
3.A. Concept and Characteristics of Business
3.B. Features of different forms of Public Enterprises
3.C. Critically examine the changing role of the public sector
3.D. Explain the features of global enterprises

3.E. Appreciate the benefits of joint ventures

4.A. Concept Of Social Responsibility
4.B. Need For Social Responsibility
4.C. Identify Social Responsibility Towards Different Interest Groups
4.D. Relationship Between Business And Environmental Protection
4.E. Concept Of Business Ethics and Elements Of Business Ethics

5.A. Meaning And Nature Of Small Business
5.B. Role Of Small Business In India
5.C. Analyse The Problems Of Small Business
5.D. Different Forms To Small Business, Rural And Hilly Areas