Test Practice- Grade 10 for Economics Subject

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Test Practice - 20 Questions


2 Chapters

Board CBSE



Course Curriculum

Spoiler title

  • 10.1A-National Development
  • 10.1B-Comparison of Development
  • 10.1C-Income and other Criteria
  • 10.1D-Public Facilities
  • 10.1E-Human Development Report
  • 10.1F-Exhaustion of Natural Resource
  • 10.1G-Sustainable Development

Spoiler title

  • 10.2A-Sector of The Economic Activity
  • 10.2B-Gross Domestic Product
  • 10.2C-Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector in India
  • 10.2.D-Sectors in Terms of ownership

  • No of Question :20 Questions Bank ( 10 Questions each chapter) 
  • Difficulty Level: Elementary 
  • Question Types : Multi-choice
  • Pattern : Random
  • Quiz Timer: Not Applicable


7 reviews for Test Practice- Grade 10 for Economics Subject

  1. Ashish kumar

    Awesome …Keep helping students …

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    The Colscol faculty is very good. StudyColscol ing lives real-time like a classroom and this has helped me perform better in my exams. Thank You COLSCOL …!!

  3. Inder Parihar

    Best for beginners The course structure is satisfying, helpful course materials, online live support during any day in a week for queries clarifications.
    Easy to use and very effective working to any gadget from anywhere through mobile
    Thank you now my child can be connected to the best faculty anywhere in India, My experience was good as it saved money and time for my child….

  4. kim teahong

    Good test series but its more useful if we buy the whole course test series ….very cheap
    This Live Coaching helps to make our knowledge higher. Due to the daily test practice, it increase our memory power and increases our thinking power.

  5. kim teahong

    I am happy to get this course… no need for classroom course with More Economical, Hasse free and as a student, we have lots of choice in terms of faculty …..thanks colscol

  6. Ritik mishra

    Systematic approach with the great experience faculty

  7. manhar Rane

    The concepts, illustrations and overall explanations are very detailed and second to none. The live lecture like a class room helped me nail the basics to perfection. It is just perfect for us

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