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CBSE-Grade 11 Botany Syllabus

CBSE syllabus always maintains a standard, If a student has trouble understanding a topic related to Botany, the student can go through questions and answers related to each topic covered in Class 11 Botany.

Some of the topics Covered include :


    1. The Living World
    2. Biological Classification
    3. Plant Kingdom
    4. Morphology Of Flowering Plants
    5. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
    6. Cell The Unit of Life
    7. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
    8. Transport in Plants
    9. Mineral Nutrition
    10. Photosynthesis in Plants
    11. Respiration in Plants
    12. Plant Growth and Development

1.A. What is ‘Living’?
1.B. Diversity in the Living World
1.C. Taxonomic Categories

1.D. Taxonomical Aids

2.A. Kingdom Monera
2.B. Kingdom Protista
2.C. Kingdom Fungi

2.D. Kingdom Plantae

2.E. Kingdom Animalia

2.F. Viruses, Viroids and Lichens

3.A. Algae
3.B. Bryophytes
3.C. Pteridophytes
3.D. Gymnosperms

3.E. Angiosperms

3.F. Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations

4.A. The Root
4.B. The Stem
4.C. The Leaf
4.D. The Inflorescence

4.E. The Flower

4.F. The Fruit

4.G. The Seed

4.H. Semi-technical Description of a Typical Flowering Plant

4.I. Description of Some Important Families

5.A. The Tissues
5.B. The Tissue System
5.C. Anatomy of Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous Plants
5.D. Secondary Growth

6.A. What is a Cell?
6.B. Cell Theory
6.C. An Overview of Cell
6.D. Prokaryotic Cells

6.E. Eukaryotic Cells

7.A. Cell Cycle
7.B. M Phase
7.C. Significance of Mitosis
7.D. Meiosis

7.E. Significance of Meiosis

8.A. Means of Transport
8.B. Plant-Water Relations
8.C. Long Distance Transport of Water
8.D. Transpiration

8.E. Uptake and Transport of Mineral Nutrients

8.F. Phloem Transport: Flow from Source to Sink

9.A. Methods to Study the Mineral Requirements of Plants
9.B. Essential Mineral Elements
9.C. Mechanism of Absorption of Elements
9.D. Translocation of Solutes

9.E. Soil as Reservoir of Essential Elements

9.F. Metabolism of Nitrogen

10.A. What do we Know?
10.B. Early Experiments
10.C. Where does Photosynthesis take place?
10.D. How many Pigments are involved in Photosynthesis?

10.E. What is Light Reaction?

10.F. The Electron Transport

10.G. Where are the ATP and NADPH Used?

10.H. The C4 Pathway

10.I. Photorespiration

10.J. Factors affecting Photosynthesis

11.A. Do Plants Breathe?
11.B. Glycolysis
11.C. Fermentation
11.D. Aerobic Respiration

11.E. The Respiratory Balance Sheet

11.F. Amphibolic Pathway

11.G. Respiratory Quotient

12.A. Growth
12.B. Differentiation, Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation
12.C. Development
12.D. Plant Growth Regulators

12.E. Photoperiodism

12.F. Vernalisation